Barry Sheppard Author Publisher Film Maker Entrepreneur and a Modern Day Polymath
Served Active Service in HM Armed Forces in Borneo/Sarawak/Malaya. After receiving the British Campaign Service Medal for Borneo he was also honoured with the Pingat Jasa medal by the previous Malayan Government for his contribution in the struggle for the formation of Malaysia.
He is a prolific Author. His books range from Cookery through Company formations in the UK, USA and European Community and Film Making reducing 4 years at Film School down to 2 days.

He will teach anyone to Write Their Book (Guaranteed, if they speak English) See Https:// Holiday Special £1,000 Off.

Also showing budding authors how to become an Authority in their Trade/Business/Work.

His entrepreneurial skills include Property dealing and sourcing. He is a specialist in Lease Option negotiation and HMOs and will deal for clients who for any reason do not deal with negotiation themselves both in the UK and Property development and buying/investing in land in Africa.

Running and selling courses on various subjects such as Writing your Book GUARANTEED.

How To Publish your Magazine, Book, Screenplay and

How to Produce your Own Digital Product with Zero knowledge just common sense, How To Produce Your Own Infomercial/Commercial , How To Sack You Boss and replace your income within ONE YEAR and get your FREEDOM FREEDOM and work from anywhere in the world. Produced a new cook book, never done before . h.ttp://

In the past he has advised ailing companies how to cope with their problems. This sort of knowledge comes from being a Polymath /Philospher who class problem solving as a “run of the mill” activity.
During this Lockdown he has spent long hours developing his interests as owner of Property World News and has jobs all over the UK and worldwide for go ahead people.

Starting building again in Africa. Got a couple of deals for sale.

Reformed the of which he is President but hasn’t got a lot done yet on this site yet

Re-newing his Bartering and Teaching skills

Helping The GAMBIA West Africa
Gambia have just started another Lockdown so need help (as all businesses closed )and no government benefits there) so if you have any old working laptops tablets phones computers leads chargers even battery chargers and electrical stuff which they can use to try and get a living via the Internet.
Also Generators, Solar Panels ,Batteries for Solar, borehole equipment which actually they get it all, not from a charity that has people on payment but it ALL LANDS THERE free of any ones salary so no deductions what so ever.

Gambia is called “The Smiling Coast Of Africa” and if you go you will experience it.


Some Tips for you to ponder. Have you checked your website recently? Websites as we knew them are old hat. They now need to be super responsive. Surfing these days is no reply within 8 seconds they have gone BUT have they might have gone but you will get them again. How you may ask? Which throws up another question. Are you retargeting? So while I ask you that let me really hit you with it.


Over 2.4 billion monthly active Facebook users

Over 1.7 billion daily active users yes 70% of users log on daily and the average time spent on there is 20 mins and lets add to that around 70% of mobile phone owners are using their phones to surf, Yes friends, the world is changing in so many ways. Would you if you worked in an office and been sent home to work, really want to go back?

I forgot Instagram which as you know is owned by Facebook and has a billion users as well.

Every one is buying online. Food is being delivered. Retail is closing. How many companies out there are going to go tits up.

Here’s is a good one for you. Google is advertising on Facebook for punters. Does that tell you anything? It tells or confirms to me what I think, all our customers are on Facebook and Instagram. Is that what you would call a parady or paradox? I don’t know because I write for the Smiths so the Smythes understand it as well.

Talking of writing I was offering to teach people how to write their book. Big mistake i was attacked by loonies. So I am just going to go back to teaching on my my normal rates. I was doing it for £2500 pounds bucks if American or using their currency. I thought about £2500 and decided pandemic Ill do it for £1497 and I will take it all the way through to publishing and promoting with ISBN thrown in and here is my killer, I will accept calls on the phone, yes, you heard right on the blower mate, on the blower because I know how important it is to be able to have someone who know knows the game inside out to call and say G’day mate or whatever they say, where what ever language you use . Yes and I answer the phone directly so you can keep writing.

He ain’t daft though bud, because the sooner he can get you to publish and promote your book, the sooner he gets you with your own book in your hand and you get the buzz from it. Never mind that strong drink stuff. This is a mind blower. You will be strutting for ages and and walking on water. People whisper, that’s the author I was telling you about.

And the author of around 20 books, which is me, gets one fabulous review because you bud as a brand new author, are flying high. You can join the Society of Authors which funnily enough Prince Charles and I joined the at the same time many moons ago. Now if that aint name dropping what is? But being a clever bugger you have to use every trick in the book. Do you know why? Because only you will do it to fullest, plus your mom of course.
And ME.

New course coming out using the power of Facebook and Instagram.

Below are the main points of the course to keep an expand your business

Facebook Essentials,
Setting up your First campaigns,
Remarketing campaigns,
How to write great Ads – and Facebook Essentials for new
and growing businesses
How to get going fast with your first Facebook Campaign
Newsfeed Posts – The 5 critical factors
The Facebook Myths – How to save a fortune in time and
money by avoiding the Facebook timewasters
How to serve Ads Directly into your Customers’ News feeds
Step by Step Guide to setting up News feed Ads
Important strategies for Start Ups and new businesses
The News feed ‘Rules’ How to make sure your customers
react positively to your messages
Pricing – How much to pay and how to get customers at
very low cost
Introduction to Targeting
Creating your First Ads – A step by step Guide
The importance of graphics and photos in ads
How to write a successful ad – and the big mistakes to
Bidding and Budgeting – everything you need to know
How to reach your existing customers directly on Facebook
The importance of lifetime budgets
How to set up your Remarketing campaigns and have
everyone who comes to your websites see your posts on
Facebook and Instagram
Lookalike Audiences.
Artificial Intelligence,
Custom Audiences and Facebook Bidding Strategies
How to put your customer acquisition on automatic pilot
Everything you need to know about Facebook’s Artificial
How to use the power of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence
and millions of dollars of computing power, even if you’re a
start up or new business
Lookalike Audiences – how to create them
Lookalike Audiences – The different options – which to
choose, when
Lookalike Audiences – The critical percentage issue
Lookalike Audiences – Stopping drops in performance
Everything you need to know about Custom Audiences
Business to Business Marketing on Facebook
Essential Strategies for Ecommerce
Advanced Ad Creation
How to select the best Ad Format
Video Ads
Carousel Ads
The new copy rules for Facebook
The importance of your Landing Pages
How to reach your perfect customers on Instagram at
remarkably low cost
Instagram Ad strategies
When to create separate Instagram campaign and when to
let Facebook do it all for you
Instagram for consumer and B2B businesses
The Facebook Messenger Gold mine.
How to use the power of Facebook’s Targeting
Demographic Targeting
Age Targeting
Behavioural Targeting – what it is and how to do it
Interest Targeting
Lead Generation on Facebook – Why it requires a unique
How and when to use Facebook’s Lead Generation ads
The power of Mobile – How to profit from Mobile ads on
Facebook and Google Ads Integration
CBO – Campaign Budget Optimisation


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I need partners

I am looking to barter anything

I have land for sale in Gambia
I have a round house nearly complete in Gambia and can start finishing it once some one buys
I am looking for someone who knows or could get organised on Crowd

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